Over the past week, we've expanded our support for a better and more privacy-preserving internet (@torproject) by replacing our Tor Middle Relay with three new Tor Relays hosted in Switzerland. StarApps now operates the fastest and highest rated Tor Relays worldwide: metrics.torproject.org/rs.html

Our new website is here! After more than six years we have decided to completely redesign our website and bring it into line with the new decade. We have used a new design and enriched the website with more information about our work and projects. Check it out: starapps-ltd.com

After experimenting running a Tor relay server with Docker on Jelastic, we decided that we are going to invest into a dedicated server with unlimited traffic and higher speed rates. We stopped the Docker servers and startet the new Tor middle relay server "StarAppsMR01". In the future we even plan to add more servers and support the @torproject network and all the people who use it.


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