Over the past week, we've expanded our support for a better and more privacy-preserving internet (@torproject) by replacing our Tor Middle Relay with three new Tor Relays hosted in Switzerland. StarApps now operates the fastest and highest rated Tor Relays worldwide: metrics.torproject.org/rs.html

@IzzyOnDroid Chat with their extremely helpful support. They can for sure give you an answer to your questions. Regarding the money withdraw permission: They probably need this permission to withdraw money in case somebody makes a dispute on a payment. Please keep in mind that Stripe might not be the best regarding your privacy but your customers can make payments without giving the full address, email or full name. Their privacy is better protected.

@IzzyOnDroid We stopped using PayPal years ago because of their shady business. They not only invade users privacy and sell data they also limit and block business accounts without warning and don't provide any professional support. Perhaps Stripe might not be totally privacy friendly but they have and extremely supportive team and one of the best usage documentation. From our point of view their privacy is quite good for a payment processor.

@IzzyOnDroid Thanks for all the effort you're putting into the F-Droid repo and your other projects. After seeing this toot we decided to contribute by donating via @Liberapay. Currently we pledged the amount and as soon as you add Stripe as payment method we will pay the amount.

Our new website is here! After more than six years we have decided to completely redesign our website and bring it into line with the new decade. We have used a new design and enriched the website with more information about our work and projects. Check it out: starapps-ltd.com

After experimenting running a Tor relay server with Docker on Jelastic, we decided that we are going to invest into a dedicated server with unlimited traffic and higher speed rates. We stopped the Docker servers and startet the new Tor middle relay server "StarAppsMR01". In the future we even plan to add more servers and support the @torproject network and all the people who use it.


@torproject We have just launched our first Tor relay server (StarAppsMR01) to support the Tor network. In the future we would like to offer even more relay servers hosted in Switzerland (@infomaniak@twitter.com).
It would help others and us a lot if @torproject provided a ready-made docker image in the future. 👍 🎉 ❤️

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